1.1 Enter Evelyn

May 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Evelyn Hallovin was not like most sims. While like others, she had come to Sunset Valley to begin a new life and set down some roots, there was something quite different about her. With her pale skin and dark hair, and eyes an almost black purple, the citizens of the town all agreed that there might be something sinister about the town’s newest addition. Evelyn was very artistic, and enjoyed writing and painting. After furnishing her lot in a way that pleased her, with just a bed, a toilet, and a place for her to start the literary career, she set off to town to get a job. Unfortunately, there weren’t many jobs that interested her. She could join the journalism career, she supposed, since she liked writing. But she was evil and a loner, and somehow she couldn’t see herself delivering newspapers and interviewing people. Evelyn needed a job that she would enjoy doing, that wouldn’t clash with any of her traits. She decided to check out the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp, a rundown warehouse. It appealed to her greatly, even though she preferred the nicer things in life.

The warehouse offered her a job as a criminal.  Maybe that wasn’t Evelyn’s thing, exactly,  but it was better than the rest of her  options. Though the pay was low, which concerned her. But upon meeting her boss, the pregnant Claire Ursine, she  decided to stick around. Something in her gut told her it would be worth it. Now, what’s a criminal that can’t run away fast enough when he is caught, or perform other athletic-y criminal things? Evelyn decided to hit  the gym and get into shape, so she could earn those promotions, and  money, quicker. When she arrived at the gym, the only other person there was Justine Keaton, another pregnant woman. It sounded to Evelyn like she might just pop that baby out right there, and she would have to take her to the hospital. Fortunately, the baby stayed put, and for a while Evelyn could fall down on the treadmill without anyone there to mock her. Though as the day continued, more gym rats arrived, making the loner Evelyn uncomfortable. The more people that arrived, the more she was uncomfortable, and the more she fell down. Eventually she got off of the treadmill, showered, and went home.

The days passed, and Evelyn was gradually advancing towards her next promotion. At work, she spent a lot of time around Claire Ursine, and before long they were good friends. Being good friends with one’s boss is a good thing, and Evelyn was quickly promoted. With the flow of cash into her bank account steadier than ever, Evelyn felt it was safe to add to the house. It now consisted of a double bed, a workspace for her computer, a fridge, and a small bathroom with a shower and toilet. She was also able to purchase wall coverings such as the cheapest red and black tiles and wallpapers. She was quite happy with the way things were looking, and couldn’t wait to improve her home further. She began working out more often, every day after work that she wasn’t too stressed, and began working on her first novel to bring in some extra cash. Things were looking better now than they had been just a week ago. Now, Evelyn felt that the next things she should be aiming for were walls defining each room, a roof over her head, and at least one daughter.

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