1.2 Xander

May 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Not long after setting her goals for the near future, Evelyn had been taking an interest in Xander Clavell, a coworker. The man had no fashion sense at all out of uniform, but he was kind of cute, and they must have shared something in common if they were both stealing things together. After work one night, Evelyn invited him over, deciding she would try and see if he was willing to join her on the dark side. But he didn’t feel like seeing her. Annoyed at this, Evelyn went to the gym to work out her frustrations. She wasn’t a snob, but she thought that she was quite pretty; exotic, so why wouldn’t he want to see her? She knew that he wasn’t seeing another girl, though; he lived with his parents, oldsters who Evelyn often worked out with, and she told herself that he just couldn’t handle being in her presence.

Unfortunately, this strategy didn’t work entirely; downstairs, there was a baby crying. After pumping the music up louder than she ever would normally and still being able to hear the infernal screams, she stormed downstairs. A group of women were surrounding the little child, Sandi French, as she cried. And no one did anything about it! Evelyn decided to act in the only was she saw was appropriate for the situation: By stealing the girl’s candy. It only made the child scream louder, but after this her mother picked her up and left. Evelyn laughed, and feeling better about herself, she went home.

The next morning Evelyn woke with renewed confidence, and since it was her day off, she invited Xander over. This time he agreed, and they stayed up late talking. Things were going well, and once they found each other irresistible, Evelyn suggested that they be boyfriend and girlfriend. When Xander agreed, Evelyn’s spirits were lifted high. In the heat of the moment, she proposed to him; she needed the money, and the urge to have children was becoming too great. Sadly, Xander rejected her… and she learned of his commitment issues. The mood was not completely ruined, though, she could see by the lustful look in his eyes. She asked if he wanted to woohoo, and yes he did. But once they were ready, and Evelyn suggested that they went unprotected, Xander seemingly changed his mind. Evelyn promptly went to sleep after that, dreaming of either marrying or stealing diamonds with Xander Clavell. Xander occupied himself by playing some game on Evelyn’s computer while she slept. He thought it was sweet, and like an apology.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Evelyn continued to try and woo her boyfriend. He had just rejected the marriage proposal and the unprotected woohoo because it was all too soon, she told herself. Evelyn decided that if she just mentioned the thought of either every now and then he’d eventually give in; he didn’t seem like someone serious when it came to relationships, so he’d give in eventually, she was sure. Though the weeks following seemed to beg to differ; Xander wouldn’t budge on it.

Eventually, Evelyn had to give up. Cute though he may be, Xander was as stubborn as an ox when it came to the thought of woohooing; forget marriage! On a day off, Evelyn phoned Xander with a sigh. He came over right away, like he always did whenever she told him to come over. Oddly, he seemed very hurt when she told him that they were done. Evelyn, however, was already plotting her revenge on Xander for wasting her precious time. Evelyn held grudges, and he would pay.
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