1.7 An Unexpected Reunion

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As days passed and the girls grew older, Evelyn felt like she should be working harder. While they had a nice house, their funds were always very low. When she died, she wanted to leave her daughters with more than just §130. For the next few weeks, she worked very hard. The extra effort paid off, and Evelyn was given a promotion and §1600. She was now halfway through her career, and she discussed her options for the future with Claire until the sun rose. She jokingly asked for a raise, and Claire, who was now an elder, snapped at her. The women had a little spat, and as Evelyn went to leave, Claire shouted something like “I hope the new pale-faced family does better than you!” Evelyn didn’t think much of it at the time, but throughout the day she began to wonder about what Claire had said. She didn’t know of any other pale-skinned families other than her own, but…

All day, Evelyn’s phone had been ringing, and call display said that Claire Ursine kept trying to get a hold of her. Evelyn was trying to work on her writing while trying to figure out who this new family could be, but having the phone ring every five minutes was getting annoying, even for the rest of the family. Frustrated, Evelyn eventually gave in and answered. Claire was apologizing as soon as she realized Evelyn had actually answered, but Evelyn quickly cut her off and said it was all right, since she didn’t want to lose her best friend. But she started questioning Claire about this new family right away, and Claire told her everything she knew, which was only that she knew where they lived.

By this time, the girls had come home from school. Cora wanted to play chess with her father, even though she knew that he’d beat her, and so when Evelyn announced she was going to run an errand, Rayna insisted on going with her. Evelyn agreed, and the two set off to this new family’s house.

At home, Cora had given up trying to outsmart her father and settled for painting. Bryce decided to look through the new telescope, and soon he found and was awarded for finding a white dwarf star, which he promptly named Phoebus Mons, even in the early evening light. Feeling accomplished, he decided to visit the park and see if anyone he knew was there. None of his friends were, but he did encounter a lovely lady with a French accent named Léanne. He was happily married, and she carried a small boy in her arms, so he knew he was okay. But one thing he noticed as the lighting changed was that her baby had very pale skin, nearly identical to that of his wife’s. He was about to ask her her last name, when her phone rang. She had a short conversation, and then hurridly told Bryce that she had to go home.

One long hike later, Evelyn and Rayna found themselves in front of a grand house, modelled like a French farmhouse. Outside in the dying light, a man and his daughter played. Evelyn approached the fence and called out a greeting, and the man and his daughter came up to see their visitors. Up close, Evelyn recognized the face, and skin colour, and it was obvious that he did too.

Evelyn’s brother was now living in Sunset Valley. Both siblings knew that they had much to talk about, and so they sent their daughters to the back yard to play. Gaston invited Evelyn inside, and called down their parents. While they shuffled down the stairs, Gaston ducked into the family room to make a quick phone call. Evelyn was able to hear, “Léanne, you won’t believe who’s here.”

*   *   *

In France, many years ago, Jacques Hallovin was the eighth male heir to carry the Hallovin name into such fame. After meeting and marrying Catherine, the girl he had been in love with since high school, they became the parents of a son. Growing up, they realized that Gaston might not be the perfect heir – though he was strong and attractive, he was childish and not too serious in his relationships. When Catherine became pregnant again, they hoped for a more mature, appropriate son. Instead they were graced with a daughter who was a mirror image of her mother. At this time, Gaston had been in a steady relationship with a pretty girl named Léanne. Jacques and Catherine decided that their silly son would be the heir, and when Evelyn was a young adult, they regretfully sent her out of the house, and out of the country. Because of this, her parents weren’t her favourite people, and her brother, who she had been close to as a child, was now an arrogant jerk that she was very jealous of. When she arrived in Sunset Valley, Evelyn felt that to redeem herself she would have to have the name carry on as well, but this time it would be in females.

*   *   *

When she asked why they had come to Sunset Valley, her parents explained that since Gaston, the ninth heir, had had a son, the tenth heir, the family decided to move in attempts to mend things with their daughter. Catherine explained this, and as Evelyn looked into the face that would someday resemble her own, she believed them. She looked out the window to see her daughter and her niece playing together, and she decided that, if for their sakes at least, there would be peace in the family.

Evelyn learned that including Simon, the tenth heir, Gaston and Léanne had three children together: Audrey, the flirtatious teenager who was nearly a clone of her mother; Charlotte, the brainiac child who looks like no one else in the family; and Simon, the adorable toddler who has yet to show his personality.

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1.6 Reflections

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When she had gotten home, Evelyn had gotten ready for work. But then Bryce called her into the kitchen and told her how he arranged one night off and a birthday cake for her. Evelyn went up to the cake with a smile. Evelyn thought of a wish, and it came to her easily. As she blew out the candles, she wished that her daughters would live long, happy lives and carry on the legacy. Of course, it wasn’t that easy; the cake caught on fire! Bryce pulled Evelyn back and whipped out his cellphone. The firefighters were in the kitchen right away. Sadly, they weren’t there fast enough to save two sections of counter and the sink, but they were kind enough to buy Evelyn a new cake. Bryce washed the soot from the stone countertops and the celebrations continued, more successfully than the last attempt.

Before bed that night, with both of the Hallovin parents full-fledged adults, Bryce and Evelyn reflected on their life accomplishments. The day after Bryce’s birthday Evelyn had brought home a chess table, since his dream was to become a master of chess, and he had been quickly getting better. They also talked about their daughters, reflecting on their toddlerhoods, as thankfully in a few days they would be old enough to start school. They knew that on their birthday, more of their personality would become visible. They also knew that since Bryce was a genius, and Evelyn was evil, they could produce a potentially dangerous child. But thankfully, on the girls’ birthday, they stayed somewhat normal children. It became apparent that Rayna was not only a genius, but she would also be ‘the pretty one’. Cora became lucky like her mother, but she didn’t inherit the looks. In fact, Cora, as a child, found herself to be so ugly that she got a haircut that covered most of her face. This saddened her parents, but Bryce decided to cheer her up by buying a second easel for the new downstairs study.

Along with Cora’s self-image problems, Evelyn noted with some sadness that the girls who had been so close and similar when they were younger were beginning to grow apart. No longer reflections of each other, Rayna was already being very social with her peers, and after school she would practice her speeches in front of the mirror, while Cora would paint away her sorrows. Bryce wanted to take time off work and try to drag his daughter out of this phase of depression she had slipped into after her birthday, but Evelyn had seen this before, when she was a child. She knew what Rayna was going through, because she had been through it before. She reflected on her childhood before bed one night and decided that they should just let Cora dig herself out of her hole, like Evelyn had. It would make her strong like her mother. Evelyn promised Cora that one day she would write a book for her, about her own life experiences.

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1.5 Avenged

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Life in the Hallovin household was quiet for a while. Well, as quiet as it can be in a house with two toddlers. Bryce went to work every day while Evelyn took care of the children and worked on writing. It had been so long since she had last written anything that she was afraid that the little skill she had in writing was gone, but she began an autobiography on Claire anyway. Between submitting chapters to the publisher and having Bryce work as a professional blogger, they were bringing in a lot of money. Soon, they felt secure to add a second floor to the house, and upsize the rooms.

When the renovations were done, they had a sizeable kitchen, two bedrooms, an en suite, and the small study on the top floor, fully furnished. The main floor wasn’t looking as nice, with wallpaper leftover from where the rooms used to be. After a few more days of working, they were able to add a laundry room and bathroom downstairs.

Soon enough, birthdays were coming around. Rayna and Cora’s came first, and both of the parents were delighted to find their babies had both become adorable toddlers. The only thing that they found strange was that Rayna had gotten blonde hair, even though her mother had black hair and her father had had a coppery-orange colour before he had dyed it dark brown. It also turned out that they had very different personalities too; Rayna was such a happy, smiling girl, even an evil Sim like Evelyn had to smile when she laughed – she was sure that even if she wasn’t her mother and biased that she would still feel this way. Cora was a little more of a quiet child, until she started to cry, that is. She would often be staring into space, with an intelligent glint in her eye as if she were imagining something completely different from the world around her. Bryce and Evelyn began teaching their daughters the necessary skills at once.

When Bryce’s birthday rolled around, and he became a fully mature and distinguished man, Evelyn knew that her time was soon. Though she loved her daughters more than life itself, she felt like she had been wasting her limited time on this earth by getting pregnant. She had yet to complete her revenge on Xander, and it frustrated her.

The next morning, the household seemed relatively calm. Bryce was on a day off, and was spending it teaching his daughters some of their necessary skills. Evelyn decided that if any time was her opportunity, now would be it. Yet, when she phoned Xander’s cell, he didn’t answer. She tried several times, and then gave up and phoned his home phone. Yet when no one answered still, she called a cab and told Bryce that she had an errand to run. She went to the Clavell household, yet no one seemed to be home. In fact, the house seemed almost… desolate. Empty. She went next door to the neighbours and asked them where tis family could be. If they had moved, Evelyn would be furious.

When she asked the neighbour, he carefully, quietly explained that Xander had drowned just a week ago, and that his parents had moved out of town after that. The Hallovins, who did not receive the newspaper, wouldn’t have known. Bryce worked in journalism, yes, but he was in a different field as a professional blogger. Evelyn pretended to be sad, and even shed a tear for the neighbour before going to the cemetary to see his grave. She was greatly disappointed that she hadn’t gotten a chance to kill Xander herself, or at least be there when he died, but as she thought about it, she truly did get her revenge. She was living a good life with her beautiful family, and Xander had died a single, middle-aged man, with no children. The Clavell family was as good as over, since the elder Clavells would surely be passing soon. With her revenge truly completed, Evelyn could return home in time for her birthday party.

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1.4 Secured

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Bryce was making §44 an hour, and Evelyn was making §42, but money was still tight. They both wanted children, but they were afraid that they weren’t making enough money to provide for a new little life. Evelyn did suspect that she might be pregnant, but she refrained from telling Bryce for the moment because she didn’t want him to worry. On the carpool home one night she saw that the fruit trees in the park looked ready to harvest, and when she got home she put on some comfortable sweatpants and a T-shirt and longsleeve combination, and went down to harvest them. She knew that the grocery store bought fruit, at a much lower price than they sold it at, but it was better than nothing. She discovered that harvesting fruit was actually kind of fun, which surprised her. But what surprised her more was when she felt the first kick. Though their monetary situation wasn’t that great, Evelyn was extremely happy. She finished up her job and sold the fruit before going home to tell Bryce.

At first, Bryce was panicked. They couldn’t afford to furnish the room they had set aside for their future child, not right now. He was all for pulling out his hair, but Evelyn showed him the §200 she had made from selling fruit and he calmed down a bit. With that money, and just a bit more from their coffers, they could set the baby up comfortably. Bryce knew that Evelyn would have to take a maternity leave, and that he would have to work harder than ever, but he was willing to do anything for his wife and the being inside her that was part him and part her.

When Evelyn felt that it was time to take her leave, she and Bryce went to Claire’s house, and Evelyn explained to her that she was pregnant. Claire’s initial reaction was shock, but afterwards she was happy for Evelyn. She told Bryce he could go inside, and then asked Evelyn if she had abandoned her plans to get revenge on Xander. Evelyn sheepishly explained that with the baby coming, she would have to put off the plans until the baby was old enough that it didn’t need her 24/7. Claire offered free babysitting service, and the two women discussed  Claire’s daughter Abigail marrying Evelyn’s child if she had a son.

Before long, the time to give birth had come. Evelyn had been working out when she went into labour, because she needed to work on her athletic skill for work and she didn’t want to be fat after she gave birth, and Bryce was beginning another novel. They quickly went to the hospital, and soon Evelyn was put under the knife. She needed a C-section.

Two babies later, Evelyn and Bryce went home with a second crib and twin girls. The oldest girl was named Rayna, an altered version of Raina, meaning “queen”. The younger was named Cora, which was derived from the Greek name Kore, meaning “maiden”. To the Hallovin parents, these girls were very special. Evelyn was very pleased to see that both of her daughters had her pale, greyish skin, and that she had two choices for an heiress. It would be difficult to choose later on, but for the moment she was just happy that she had two beautiful, healthy daughters.

Bryce and Evelyn would have to wake up in the middle of the night to comfort their daughters often. For Evelyn, it wasn’t too bad since her leave had been extended because she had had twins and she could sleep when they did, but Bryce still had to work and would often fall asleep on the job. Soon, Bryce was only eating, sleeping, relieving himself, and working, leaving their daughters and the rest of the household chores to Evelyn. They loved their children, but Bryce and Evelyn could not wait until their daughters were older and their lives could gain a bit of normalcy again.

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1.3 To Make Up For It

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During the time that Evelyn had been seeing Xander, she hadn’t seen much of Claire. But after she and Xander broke up, Claire came over the next day to comfort her. As it turned out, Evelyn did not need much comforting, but she was very open to discussing her ex-boyfriend’s demise. At first Claire was hesitant – not only was she not one who plotted and carried out people’s deaths, but Xander was a coworker of her’s – but as the conversation continued, she was the one offering the best ideas. Soon Evelyn had a plan, and she set out at once to set it into action.

Evelyn had never actually gone to Xander’s house, because she had initiated everything, and she was still relatively new to town. Soon she got lost in the small town, and had no idea where her victim’s house might be. She was considering going to the gym, where she often saw Xander’s parents, and then following them to their home, but then a car pulled up next to her. She was standing in someone’s driveway, she realized, staring off into space. She moved out of the way and watched the car pull into its house. It wasn’t a normal house, she realized, but a loft, a place where several people lived. A man got out of the car and approached her. He thought she looked lost, and after explaining that she had been looking for the Clavell home he happily told her where it was. She didn’t leave right away though, but she stayed and talked for the whole afternoon. As it got dark out, he invited her inside and they talked even more. By the time she was shooed out by a peeved roommate, Evelyn could say that she was friends with this man who called himself Cycl0n3 Sw0rd. His name, and himself, really, were kind of geeky, but he was very nice to her, and she liked it. She was definitely interested.

The next day off, instead of following through with her plan to get her revenge on Xander, she phoned up Cycl0n3. They continued to talk and become friends. They talked until evening, and Evelyn knew her feelings were growing stronger, but in a way different from what had happened with Xander. Could this be true love, she wondered. She worked up her courage, and she kissed him. He was very surprised, but he liked it. They saw each other every night, and her love for him grew. With Cycl0n3, there was no impatience to have children. There were just her feelings, which continued to grow as she learned little things about him. And so one night, she proposed to him.

With the money Cycl0n3 brought in, and got from selling his car and laptop, the newlywed Hallovins could construct a new house. Evelyn’s life had changed drastically that night, but perhaps it was Cycl0n3’s who had changed more; He changed so much for her. He knew, and told her, that he loved her enough to change his name back to his real name (what, did you really think Cycl0n3 Sw0rd was his real name?), because Cycl0n3 Hallovin sounded weird anyway, and to get a new look. Evelyn had to love him even more… either for his love for her, or his devotion for her. Either one worked for her.

As it turned out, Bryce was his real name. A good name, for a good-looking man, once you got the shades off of his face and out of those baggy clothes. Evelyn thought he looked nice, and was still able to retain a bit of the cute geekiness. But Bryce wasn’t the only thing looking good; the house was beginning to look like a real house. They tore down the old ‘house’, but before building the new house, Bryce had a friend come up and do some simple landscaping for free, as a wedding gift. Evelyn loved it; for some reason, she had always wanted to live on a hill, above her neighbours. It made her feel more powerful than them. Now she had her house on a hill, and her husband. Now all she really wanted was children. But coincidentally, after their honeymoon night, Evelyn had been throwing up in the mornings…





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