1.3 To Make Up For It

June 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

During the time that Evelyn had been seeing Xander, she hadn’t seen much of Claire. But after she and Xander broke up, Claire came over the next day to comfort her. As it turned out, Evelyn did not need much comforting, but she was very open to discussing her ex-boyfriend’s demise. At first Claire was hesitant – not only was she not one who plotted and carried out people’s deaths, but Xander was a coworker of her’s – but as the conversation continued, she was the one offering the best ideas. Soon Evelyn had a plan, and she set out at once to set it into action.

Evelyn had never actually gone to Xander’s house, because she had initiated everything, and she was still relatively new to town. Soon she got lost in the small town, and had no idea where her victim’s house might be. She was considering going to the gym, where she often saw Xander’s parents, and then following them to their home, but then a car pulled up next to her. She was standing in someone’s driveway, she realized, staring off into space. She moved out of the way and watched the car pull into its house. It wasn’t a normal house, she realized, but a loft, a place where several people lived. A man got out of the car and approached her. He thought she looked lost, and after explaining that she had been looking for the Clavell home he happily told her where it was. She didn’t leave right away though, but she stayed and talked for the whole afternoon. As it got dark out, he invited her inside and they talked even more. By the time she was shooed out by a peeved roommate, Evelyn could say that she was friends with this man who called himself Cycl0n3 Sw0rd. His name, and himself, really, were kind of geeky, but he was very nice to her, and she liked it. She was definitely interested.

The next day off, instead of following through with her plan to get her revenge on Xander, she phoned up Cycl0n3. They continued to talk and become friends. They talked until evening, and Evelyn knew her feelings were growing stronger, but in a way different from what had happened with Xander. Could this be true love, she wondered. She worked up her courage, and she kissed him. He was very surprised, but he liked it. They saw each other every night, and her love for him grew. With Cycl0n3, there was no impatience to have children. There were just her feelings, which continued to grow as she learned little things about him. And so one night, she proposed to him.

With the money Cycl0n3 brought in, and got from selling his car and laptop, the newlywed Hallovins could construct a new house. Evelyn’s life had changed drastically that night, but perhaps it was Cycl0n3’s who had changed more; He changed so much for her. He knew, and told her, that he loved her enough to change his name back to his real name (what, did you really think Cycl0n3 Sw0rd was his real name?), because Cycl0n3 Hallovin sounded weird anyway, and to get a new look. Evelyn had to love him even more… either for his love for her, or his devotion for her. Either one worked for her.

As it turned out, Bryce was his real name. A good name, for a good-looking man, once you got the shades off of his face and out of those baggy clothes. Evelyn thought he looked nice, and was still able to retain a bit of the cute geekiness. But Bryce wasn’t the only thing looking good; the house was beginning to look like a real house. They tore down the old ‘house’, but before building the new house, Bryce had a friend come up and do some simple landscaping for free, as a wedding gift. Evelyn loved it; for some reason, she had always wanted to live on a hill, above her neighbours. It made her feel more powerful than them. Now she had her house on a hill, and her husband. Now all she really wanted was children. But coincidentally, after their honeymoon night, Evelyn had been throwing up in the mornings…





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