1.4 Secured

June 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Bryce was making §44 an hour, and Evelyn was making §42, but money was still tight. They both wanted children, but they were afraid that they weren’t making enough money to provide for a new little life. Evelyn did suspect that she might be pregnant, but she refrained from telling Bryce for the moment because she didn’t want him to worry. On the carpool home one night she saw that the fruit trees in the park looked ready to harvest, and when she got home she put on some comfortable sweatpants and a T-shirt and longsleeve combination, and went down to harvest them. She knew that the grocery store bought fruit, at a much lower price than they sold it at, but it was better than nothing. She discovered that harvesting fruit was actually kind of fun, which surprised her. But what surprised her more was when she felt the first kick. Though their monetary situation wasn’t that great, Evelyn was extremely happy. She finished up her job and sold the fruit before going home to tell Bryce.

At first, Bryce was panicked. They couldn’t afford to furnish the room they had set aside for their future child, not right now. He was all for pulling out his hair, but Evelyn showed him the §200 she had made from selling fruit and he calmed down a bit. With that money, and just a bit more from their coffers, they could set the baby up comfortably. Bryce knew that Evelyn would have to take a maternity leave, and that he would have to work harder than ever, but he was willing to do anything for his wife and the being inside her that was part him and part her.

When Evelyn felt that it was time to take her leave, she and Bryce went to Claire’s house, and Evelyn explained to her that she was pregnant. Claire’s initial reaction was shock, but afterwards she was happy for Evelyn. She told Bryce he could go inside, and then asked Evelyn if she had abandoned her plans to get revenge on Xander. Evelyn sheepishly explained that with the baby coming, she would have to put off the plans until the baby was old enough that it didn’t need her 24/7. Claire offered free babysitting service, and the two women discussed  Claire’s daughter Abigail marrying Evelyn’s child if she had a son.

Before long, the time to give birth had come. Evelyn had been working out when she went into labour, because she needed to work on her athletic skill for work and she didn’t want to be fat after she gave birth, and Bryce was beginning another novel. They quickly went to the hospital, and soon Evelyn was put under the knife. She needed a C-section.

Two babies later, Evelyn and Bryce went home with a second crib and twin girls. The oldest girl was named Rayna, an altered version of Raina, meaning “queen”. The younger was named Cora, which was derived from the Greek name Kore, meaning “maiden”. To the Hallovin parents, these girls were very special. Evelyn was very pleased to see that both of her daughters had her pale, greyish skin, and that she had two choices for an heiress. It would be difficult to choose later on, but for the moment she was just happy that she had two beautiful, healthy daughters.

Bryce and Evelyn would have to wake up in the middle of the night to comfort their daughters often. For Evelyn, it wasn’t too bad since her leave had been extended because she had had twins and she could sleep when they did, but Bryce still had to work and would often fall asleep on the job. Soon, Bryce was only eating, sleeping, relieving himself, and working, leaving their daughters and the rest of the household chores to Evelyn. They loved their children, but Bryce and Evelyn could not wait until their daughters were older and their lives could gain a bit of normalcy again.

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