1.5 Avenged

June 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Life in the Hallovin household was quiet for a while. Well, as quiet as it can be in a house with two toddlers. Bryce went to work every day while Evelyn took care of the children and worked on writing. It had been so long since she had last written anything that she was afraid that the little skill she had in writing was gone, but she began an autobiography on Claire anyway. Between submitting chapters to the publisher and having Bryce work as a professional blogger, they were bringing in a lot of money. Soon, they felt secure to add a second floor to the house, and upsize the rooms.

When the renovations were done, they had a sizeable kitchen, two bedrooms, an en suite, and the small study on the top floor, fully furnished. The main floor wasn’t looking as nice, with wallpaper leftover from where the rooms used to be. After a few more days of working, they were able to add a laundry room and bathroom downstairs.

Soon enough, birthdays were coming around. Rayna and Cora’s came first, and both of the parents were delighted to find their babies had both become adorable toddlers. The only thing that they found strange was that Rayna had gotten blonde hair, even though her mother had black hair and her father had had a coppery-orange colour before he had dyed it dark brown. It also turned out that they had very different personalities too; Rayna was such a happy, smiling girl, even an evil Sim like Evelyn had to smile when she laughed – she was sure that even if she wasn’t her mother and biased that she would still feel this way. Cora was a little more of a quiet child, until she started to cry, that is. She would often be staring into space, with an intelligent glint in her eye as if she were imagining something completely different from the world around her. Bryce and Evelyn began teaching their daughters the necessary skills at once.

When Bryce’s birthday rolled around, and he became a fully mature and distinguished man, Evelyn knew that her time was soon. Though she loved her daughters more than life itself, she felt like she had been wasting her limited time on this earth by getting pregnant. She had yet to complete her revenge on Xander, and it frustrated her.

The next morning, the household seemed relatively calm. Bryce was on a day off, and was spending it teaching his daughters some of their necessary skills. Evelyn decided that if any time was her opportunity, now would be it. Yet, when she phoned Xander’s cell, he didn’t answer. She tried several times, and then gave up and phoned his home phone. Yet when no one answered still, she called a cab and told Bryce that she had an errand to run. She went to the Clavell household, yet no one seemed to be home. In fact, the house seemed almost… desolate. Empty. She went next door to the neighbours and asked them where tis family could be. If they had moved, Evelyn would be furious.

When she asked the neighbour, he carefully, quietly explained that Xander had drowned just a week ago, and that his parents had moved out of town after that. The Hallovins, who did not receive the newspaper, wouldn’t have known. Bryce worked in journalism, yes, but he was in a different field as a professional blogger. Evelyn pretended to be sad, and even shed a tear for the neighbour before going to the cemetary to see his grave. She was greatly disappointed that she hadn’t gotten a chance to kill Xander herself, or at least be there when he died, but as she thought about it, she truly did get her revenge. She was living a good life with her beautiful family, and Xander had died a single, middle-aged man, with no children. The Clavell family was as good as over, since the elder Clavells would surely be passing soon. With her revenge truly completed, Evelyn could return home in time for her birthday party.

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