1.6 Reflections

June 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

When she had gotten home, Evelyn had gotten ready for work. But then Bryce called her into the kitchen and told her how he arranged one night off and a birthday cake for her. Evelyn went up to the cake with a smile. Evelyn thought of a wish, and it came to her easily. As she blew out the candles, she wished that her daughters would live long, happy lives and carry on the legacy. Of course, it wasn’t that easy; the cake caught on fire! Bryce pulled Evelyn back and whipped out his cellphone. The firefighters were in the kitchen right away. Sadly, they weren’t there fast enough to save two sections of counter and the sink, but they were kind enough to buy Evelyn a new cake. Bryce washed the soot from the stone countertops and the celebrations continued, more successfully than the last attempt.

Before bed that night, with both of the Hallovin parents full-fledged adults, Bryce and Evelyn reflected on their life accomplishments. The day after Bryce’s birthday Evelyn had brought home a chess table, since his dream was to become a master of chess, and he had been quickly getting better. They also talked about their daughters, reflecting on their toddlerhoods, as thankfully in a few days they would be old enough to start school. They knew that on their birthday, more of their personality would become visible. They also knew that since Bryce was a genius, and Evelyn was evil, they could produce a potentially dangerous child. But thankfully, on the girls’ birthday, they stayed somewhat normal children. It became apparent that Rayna was not only a genius, but she would also be ‘the pretty one’. Cora became lucky like her mother, but she didn’t inherit the looks. In fact, Cora, as a child, found herself to be so ugly that she got a haircut that covered most of her face. This saddened her parents, but Bryce decided to cheer her up by buying a second easel for the new downstairs study.

Along with Cora’s self-image problems, Evelyn noted with some sadness that the girls who had been so close and similar when they were younger were beginning to grow apart. No longer reflections of each other, Rayna was already being very social with her peers, and after school she would practice her speeches in front of the mirror, while Cora would paint away her sorrows. Bryce wanted to take time off work and try to drag his daughter out of this phase of depression she had slipped into after her birthday, but Evelyn had seen this before, when she was a child. She knew what Rayna was going through, because she had been through it before. She reflected on her childhood before bed one night and decided that they should just let Cora dig herself out of her hole, like Evelyn had. It would make her strong like her mother. Evelyn promised Cora that one day she would write a book for her, about her own life experiences.

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