1.7 An Unexpected Reunion

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As days passed and the girls grew older, Evelyn felt like she should be working harder. While they had a nice house, their funds were always very low. When she died, she wanted to leave her daughters with more than just §130. For the next few weeks, she worked very hard. The extra effort paid off, and Evelyn was given a promotion and §1600. She was now halfway through her career, and she discussed her options for the future with Claire until the sun rose. She jokingly asked for a raise, and Claire, who was now an elder, snapped at her. The women had a little spat, and as Evelyn went to leave, Claire shouted something like “I hope the new pale-faced family does better than you!” Evelyn didn’t think much of it at the time, but throughout the day she began to wonder about what Claire had said. She didn’t know of any other pale-skinned families other than her own, but…

All day, Evelyn’s phone had been ringing, and call display said that Claire Ursine kept trying to get a hold of her. Evelyn was trying to work on her writing while trying to figure out who this new family could be, but having the phone ring every five minutes was getting annoying, even for the rest of the family. Frustrated, Evelyn eventually gave in and answered. Claire was apologizing as soon as she realized Evelyn had actually answered, but Evelyn quickly cut her off and said it was all right, since she didn’t want to lose her best friend. But she started questioning Claire about this new family right away, and Claire told her everything she knew, which was only that she knew where they lived.

By this time, the girls had come home from school. Cora wanted to play chess with her father, even though she knew that he’d beat her, and so when Evelyn announced she was going to run an errand, Rayna insisted on going with her. Evelyn agreed, and the two set off to this new family’s house.

At home, Cora had given up trying to outsmart her father and settled for painting. Bryce decided to look through the new telescope, and soon he found and was awarded for finding a white dwarf star, which he promptly named Phoebus Mons, even in the early evening light. Feeling accomplished, he decided to visit the park and see if anyone he knew was there. None of his friends were, but he did encounter a lovely lady with a French accent named Léanne. He was happily married, and she carried a small boy in her arms, so he knew he was okay. But one thing he noticed as the lighting changed was that her baby had very pale skin, nearly identical to that of his wife’s. He was about to ask her her last name, when her phone rang. She had a short conversation, and then hurridly told Bryce that she had to go home.

One long hike later, Evelyn and Rayna found themselves in front of a grand house, modelled like a French farmhouse. Outside in the dying light, a man and his daughter played. Evelyn approached the fence and called out a greeting, and the man and his daughter came up to see their visitors. Up close, Evelyn recognized the face, and skin colour, and it was obvious that he did too.

Evelyn’s brother was now living in Sunset Valley. Both siblings knew that they had much to talk about, and so they sent their daughters to the back yard to play. Gaston invited Evelyn inside, and called down their parents. While they shuffled down the stairs, Gaston ducked into the family room to make a quick phone call. Evelyn was able to hear, “Léanne, you won’t believe who’s here.”

*   *   *

In France, many years ago, Jacques Hallovin was the eighth male heir to carry the Hallovin name into such fame. After meeting and marrying Catherine, the girl he had been in love with since high school, they became the parents of a son. Growing up, they realized that Gaston might not be the perfect heir – though he was strong and attractive, he was childish and not too serious in his relationships. When Catherine became pregnant again, they hoped for a more mature, appropriate son. Instead they were graced with a daughter who was a mirror image of her mother. At this time, Gaston had been in a steady relationship with a pretty girl named Léanne. Jacques and Catherine decided that their silly son would be the heir, and when Evelyn was a young adult, they regretfully sent her out of the house, and out of the country. Because of this, her parents weren’t her favourite people, and her brother, who she had been close to as a child, was now an arrogant jerk that she was very jealous of. When she arrived in Sunset Valley, Evelyn felt that to redeem herself she would have to have the name carry on as well, but this time it would be in females.

*   *   *

When she asked why they had come to Sunset Valley, her parents explained that since Gaston, the ninth heir, had had a son, the tenth heir, the family decided to move in attempts to mend things with their daughter. Catherine explained this, and as Evelyn looked into the face that would someday resemble her own, she believed them. She looked out the window to see her daughter and her niece playing together, and she decided that, if for their sakes at least, there would be peace in the family.

Evelyn learned that including Simon, the tenth heir, Gaston and Léanne had three children together: Audrey, the flirtatious teenager who was nearly a clone of her mother; Charlotte, the brainiac child who looks like no one else in the family; and Simon, the adorable toddler who has yet to show his personality.

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