Poll Results – Generation 2

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The poll should be closed by now, as I set it for a week. This was my first time using a poll on wordpress, and I’m not entirely sure how it works. But now, to announce the winner.

Over the past 9 days, 72 people visited the Hallovin Legacy, and of them, 9 voted. It was very close, but 56% of voters chose Cora as the heiress.

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Heiress Poll – Generation 2

July 14, 2010 § 3 Comments

Now that the girls are young adults, and Evelyn is an elder, one of them must be chosen as heiress. Who do you think is best suited to be the Hallovin heiress?


Traits: Flirty, Genius, Good, Athletic, Eco-Friendly

Romantic Interest? Scotty Howland; possibly Sam Sekemoto


Traits: Neurotic, Artistic, Savvy Sculptor, Lucky, Bookworm

Romantic Interest? Possibly Brant Langraab

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1.10 Stepping Down

July 14, 2010 § 3 Comments

Unfortunately for the Hallovin family, there was another death. But this time it was very close to home. Shortly after Evelyn, Bryce, Rayna, and Cora came back from Egypt, Rayna went to the gym to continue her training. It was then that Jacques Hallovin – Evelyn and Gaston’s father; Audrey, Rayna, Cora, Charlotte, and Simon’s grandfather – passed away. He had been 97 years old, and he had been trying to pump iron with his son at a family trip to the gym. The strain was too much on the old man, though, and the next thing that the Hallovins knew, death had come to collect the soul of the family’s patriarch. Everyone was upset, especially Gaston and Simon. But the families knew that Jacques had lived a full, content life. He had made made things right between him and his daughter again before he had died, and met his two other grandchildren, and his son-in-law. He had carried on the Hallovin name in France, and lived to see his only grandson, the last heir, grow up into a teenager. The man’s life was as fulfilled as it possibly could, and he passed on in peace.

Shortly after Jacques’s death, it was time for everyone’s birthdays. Evelyn’s birthday was the day after Bryce’s and the girls’ birthday the day after her. The Hallovins would celebrate for three days, and then be done with birthdays for a year. It was kind of nice, but kind of stressful at the same time. Especially since Bryce and Evelyn were becoming elders. But after a quick nap, Bryce was ready to be an old man with teenage daughters, barely young women. When he thought of it that way, Bryce was almost afraid to become an elder. Would he be alive when his grandchildren were born? Would he be alive when his grandkids became adults? The latter was unlikely, and the best that he could wish for was to see his grandkids start school.

The next evening, Cora brought a cake, table, and balloons outside for her mother’s birthday. She felt especially close to her after the Egypt trip, and to be honest, Rayna had always been daddy’s little girl anyway. Evelyn appreciated this, and was able to age up without too much fear. She, too, was afraid she wouldn’t see the third generation of Hallovins, but for her the fear was a little more profound, since she wanted to see the next heiress of her legacy. Which reminded her that she had to choose an heiress tomorrow. But that night, she could relax a bit. Evelyn decided to retire, and receive §882 a day. She had been a cat burglar, and she felt too old for it anyway. Bryce could keep his job, as some head editor, but Evelyn felt ridiculous when she put on the tight black suit for the last time.




A large crowd arrived at the Hallovins’ back yard at 5:00 the next evening. It appeared that every guest invited had brought a friend, and the last chess opponents Bryce had invited over stayed for the event, as well as the Hallovins’ maid. Beaming with pleasure, Rayna eagerly blew out her candles. FInally, she was the same age as Sam, who she had always thought of fondly, and Scotty, who had become a young adult shortly after they met at her house and became a romantic interest. Rayna knew that Sam would be a lot older than her, even as a young adult, but he was still her first pick.

Finally, it was time for Cora to step up to bat. She was ready to become a young adult, after many years of angst, jealousy, and self-hatred. Over the years, she had come to appreciate herself a little more, and she had become much less jealous of her sister. Brant Landgraab, her best friend, had supported her for a long time, and soon she would be in his age group.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out. This one was a lot bigger than the previous Hallovin birthday-fire, mainly because it was outdoors. There was so much more fuel: the wooden table, the cake next to it, and the fresh air surrounding it. Thankfully, none of the guests became fuel, and after a few hours of fighting, Maebe Heck, the Hallovin maid, was able to extinguish the flames. From that day on, everyone in town would regard the small girl in the spotted blue dress with a lot of respect. She had saved the lives of many people in town, including some “brave” men who had attended the party.

Though the cakes were destroyed, Cora still managed to successfully become a young woman. And as the guests left, some thrilled by the fire and some absolutely terrified, Evelyn touched her daughters’ shoulders and explained to them the legacy.

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1.9 Destination: Change

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Life in the Hallovin household was quiet again. Things were so quiet that it was almost boring. Evelyn and Bryce were both quickly climbing through their career ladders, assuring the girls that they would be alright financially when their parents died, but they never did anything as a family. Cora preferred spending time on her own, anyway, and Rayna did have many friends, but sometimes they both wanted to just do something as a family. The Hallovins never sat down together for a family meal, even when everyone was in the house at the same time. There didn’t even seem to be a spark between Bryce and Evelyn. Both girls made their silent observations, and both wondered if the family was falling apart.

The night that Claire Ursine passed away at the age of 94 changed Evelyn’s perspective on life. They had been very close friends, but they never really did anything outside of work, and Evelyn was beginning to regret it. As young Abigail Ursine sobbed over the phone, Evelyn realized how short life was. Ever since the girls had started school, she felt like she had either always been at work or in the study, improving her job and her skills. Evelyn’s dream was to becoming known for her painting and writing, but would it be worth it if her own family were strangers? She knew she had to change. She and Bryce were nearing the ends of their lives, both becoming elders soon, and so the sooner the better.

Bryce was the first to notice these changes. When he came home from work, Evelyn would come greet him, whether she had been painting, writing, or working out. It brought a smile to his face, to hold his lovely wife like this again. It had been a while since they had really done anything romantic, and this was a nice change. When Rayna and Cora came home from school, Evelyn went to help Cora out with her homework. Cora wasn’t doing too well in school, unlike her genius sister who had been on the honour roll for days. Though Evelyn wasn’t a genius either, Cora appreciated this sudden attention from her mother, and soon her grades began to climb. Evelyn also noticed that Rayna was trying to be more athletic, but always failing and giving up. A couple of days a week, Evelyn would take Rayna down to the gym and train her for a few hours. Rayna began progressing after that. Soon, it wasn’t just Evelyn doing these things; everyone would help each other in any way that they could, or simply spend time with one another. Soon, the Hallovins were looking like a real family again.

To celebrate becoming a closer family, Bryce booked a three day trip for four to Egypt. The girls were ecstatic. Finally, their wishes to do something as a family were coming true.The first thing that Rayna and Bryce did was hit the market. Bryce wanted to browse the foreign wares, and Rayna wanted to browse people. Bryce decided to buy a snake charming basket. He needed charisma for work, and what better way to earn peoples’ trust then by showing that he could control a snake? He started charming right away. Rayna started talking to the locals, and even made some new friends. Evelyn was eager to explore the tombs and find treasure. When she heard that someone’s basement actually concealed an ancient tomb, and that they needed help disarming the traps, she rushed to go help out. Cora wasn’t too excited about the heat, once they arrived. She spent the first two days at the base camp, reading either in their tent or at one of the tables. Bryce had bought her a book on photography and a camera, and by the end of the trip she knew all that the book could tell her.

As it turned out, adventuring wasn’t the thing for Evelyn. She was able to disarm some of the traps, and she had the strength to clear any rubble piles she found, but she overlooked one trap. Fortunately, she was able to get to the dive well quickly. The last place she wanted to die was in a stranger’s basement while her own family was blissfully unaware.

While it was nice to go on vacation, it was nice to come home and relax, and recount stories from their Egyptian adventures. The Hallovins came home feeling closer than ever before, and very satisfied.

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1.8 Growing Up

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Rayna and Cora were growing up quickly. Soon they would be teenagers, and Bryce would often stop whatever he was doing and wonder where the years had gone. Soon his beautiful little daughters would be married and have their own children. He still had several years left with them, but they would be gone soon. Where had the years gone since they were born? It seemed like just yesterday that he had come home with Cora in his arms, her dark, intense eyes locked on his own. It seemed like just yesterday that he had taught Rayna her first words, and had a little conversation with her about her family. It seemed like just yesterday that he saw his daughters off to their first day of elementary school, Rayna standing confidently and Cora trying to hide her face. Where had the years gone? he wondered.

Evelyn’s thoughts were conflicted about the twins’ upcoming birthday. She felt similarly to Bryce, about how she would miss her darling little girls, and miss spending time with them, but she was also delighted to see them become older, and more mature. One of them would have to continue the legacy, anyways, and she needed to determine who would be best suited. It would be difficult, because both of her daughters had completely different personalities, and the legacy could swing any way, depending on who was put in charge. Cora was more of the shy, artistic type. That was good, Evelyn supposed. At least she was staying out of trouble. Rayna, on the other hand, was outgoing and confident, and was a genius like her father. That was a good thing too, especially when it came to finding a good husband. But what Evelyn didn’t like about Rayna’s outgoing-ness was when she came to pick them up from the park and found her in the arms of the teenage Sam Sekemoto. Sam was a good boy, and came from a good family, but what was he doing hugging Rayna? Later, Rayna told her that she knew him from school, and he had been in some of her classes when he was younger, and that he was nice . Also, she said that he was the handsomest boy she ever saw, even handsomer than Daddy. Evelyn had nothing to say, except to Bryce, that their little daughters wouldn’t be young much longer.

Finally, the day that for some was dreaded, and others was highly anticipated, arrived: The day that Cora and Rayna became teenagers. The dining room table was brought outside, pink and green balloons were blown up, and guests were called. Claire, the girls’ friends, and the French Hallovins, as everyone called them attended, and were quite enthusiastic. The girls eagerly stepped up to their cakes, and the sparkles began. Rayna gained the flirty trait, to her delight, and to her father’s discontent. As soon as she had aged up, she went to find Sam. But she found that in the short time between when they met at the park and her birthday, he had become a young adult. Bryce didn’t mind this. Cora blew out her candles right after Rayna, and gained the neurotic. Finally, her feelings of jealousy of her sister’s looks and people skills, how she loathed her appearance, were beginning to surface. The insecure Hallovin daughter had become even more insecure. And so while Rayna was out making new friends and meeting potential lovers, Cora would stay inside and read or paint, in her own, clam little world.

One evening, Rayna decided to invite some people she knew over, including a boy she’d had her eye on. Since Sam was, for the moment, unavailable to her, she could take interest in other guys. She talked to Scotty Howland, the new guy in school, all night long. He might not have had the keenest fashion sense, but he was a really nice guy, and had the nicest grey eyes Rayna had ever seen. He seemed to be taking an interest in her, too. Later, Bryce would be happier that Rayna had found a boy closer to her age. A boy was bad enough, but at least he wasn’t older than Rayna by more than a year. Rayna wasn’t the only one discovering love; Cora had walked by a window to see that there was someone standing outside the front door. One of Rayna’s guests, arrived late and gone unnoticed by his hostess. Cora decided to let him in, because he was probably an important person to Rayna. But when she looked up into Brant Landgraab’s eyes, she felt something that she hadn’t felt before: Hope.

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