1.8 Growing Up

July 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

Rayna and Cora were growing up quickly. Soon they would be teenagers, and Bryce would often stop whatever he was doing and wonder where the years had gone. Soon his beautiful little daughters would be married and have their own children. He still had several years left with them, but they would be gone soon. Where had the years gone since they were born? It seemed like just yesterday that he had come home with Cora in his arms, her dark, intense eyes locked on his own. It seemed like just yesterday that he had taught Rayna her first words, and had a little conversation with her about her family. It seemed like just yesterday that he saw his daughters off to their first day of elementary school, Rayna standing confidently and Cora trying to hide her face. Where had the years gone? he wondered.

Evelyn’s thoughts were conflicted about the twins’ upcoming birthday. She felt similarly to Bryce, about how she would miss her darling little girls, and miss spending time with them, but she was also delighted to see them become older, and more mature. One of them would have to continue the legacy, anyways, and she needed to determine who would be best suited. It would be difficult, because both of her daughters had completely different personalities, and the legacy could swing any way, depending on who was put in charge. Cora was more of the shy, artistic type. That was good, Evelyn supposed. At least she was staying out of trouble. Rayna, on the other hand, was outgoing and confident, and was a genius like her father. That was a good thing too, especially when it came to finding a good husband. But what Evelyn didn’t like about Rayna’s outgoing-ness was when she came to pick them up from the park and found her in the arms of the teenage Sam Sekemoto. Sam was a good boy, and came from a good family, but what was he doing hugging Rayna? Later, Rayna told her that she knew him from school, and he had been in some of her classes when he was younger, and that he was nice . Also, she said that he was the handsomest boy she ever saw, even handsomer than Daddy. Evelyn had nothing to say, except to Bryce, that their little daughters wouldn’t be young much longer.

Finally, the day that for some was dreaded, and others was highly anticipated, arrived: The day that Cora and Rayna became teenagers. The dining room table was brought outside, pink and green balloons were blown up, and guests were called. Claire, the girls’ friends, and the French Hallovins, as everyone called them attended, and were quite enthusiastic. The girls eagerly stepped up to their cakes, and the sparkles began. Rayna gained the flirty trait, to her delight, and to her father’s discontent. As soon as she had aged up, she went to find Sam. But she found that in the short time between when they met at the park and her birthday, he had become a young adult. Bryce didn’t mind this. Cora blew out her candles right after Rayna, and gained the neurotic. Finally, her feelings of jealousy of her sister’s looks and people skills, how she loathed her appearance, were beginning to surface. The insecure Hallovin daughter had become even more insecure. And so while Rayna was out making new friends and meeting potential lovers, Cora would stay inside and read or paint, in her own, clam little world.

One evening, Rayna decided to invite some people she knew over, including a boy she’d had her eye on. Since Sam was, for the moment, unavailable to her, she could take interest in other guys. She talked to Scotty Howland, the new guy in school, all night long. He might not have had the keenest fashion sense, but he was a really nice guy, and had the nicest grey eyes Rayna had ever seen. He seemed to be taking an interest in her, too. Later, Bryce would be happier that Rayna had found a boy closer to her age. A boy was bad enough, but at least he wasn’t older than Rayna by more than a year. Rayna wasn’t the only one discovering love; Cora had walked by a window to see that there was someone standing outside the front door. One of Rayna’s guests, arrived late and gone unnoticed by his hostess. Cora decided to let him in, because he was probably an important person to Rayna. But when she looked up into Brant Landgraab’s eyes, she felt something that she hadn’t felt before: Hope.

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