1.9 Destination: Change

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Life in the Hallovin household was quiet again. Things were so quiet that it was almost boring. Evelyn and Bryce were both quickly climbing through their career ladders, assuring the girls that they would be alright financially when their parents died, but they never did anything as a family. Cora preferred spending time on her own, anyway, and Rayna did have many friends, but sometimes they both wanted to just do something as a family. The Hallovins never sat down together for a family meal, even when everyone was in the house at the same time. There didn’t even seem to be a spark between Bryce and Evelyn. Both girls made their silent observations, and both wondered if the family was falling apart.

The night that Claire Ursine passed away at the age of 94 changed Evelyn’s perspective on life. They had been very close friends, but they never really did anything outside of work, and Evelyn was beginning to regret it. As young Abigail Ursine sobbed over the phone, Evelyn realized how short life was. Ever since the girls had started school, she felt like she had either always been at work or in the study, improving her job and her skills. Evelyn’s dream was to becoming known for her painting and writing, but would it be worth it if her own family were strangers? She knew she had to change. She and Bryce were nearing the ends of their lives, both becoming elders soon, and so the sooner the better.

Bryce was the first to notice these changes. When he came home from work, Evelyn would come greet him, whether she had been painting, writing, or working out. It brought a smile to his face, to hold his lovely wife like this again. It had been a while since they had really done anything romantic, and this was a nice change. When Rayna and Cora came home from school, Evelyn went to help Cora out with her homework. Cora wasn’t doing too well in school, unlike her genius sister who had been on the honour roll for days. Though Evelyn wasn’t a genius either, Cora appreciated this sudden attention from her mother, and soon her grades began to climb. Evelyn also noticed that Rayna was trying to be more athletic, but always failing and giving up. A couple of days a week, Evelyn would take Rayna down to the gym and train her for a few hours. Rayna began progressing after that. Soon, it wasn’t just Evelyn doing these things; everyone would help each other in any way that they could, or simply spend time with one another. Soon, the Hallovins were looking like a real family again.

To celebrate becoming a closer family, Bryce booked a three day trip for four to Egypt. The girls were ecstatic. Finally, their wishes to do something as a family were coming true.The first thing that Rayna and Bryce did was hit the market. Bryce wanted to browse the foreign wares, and Rayna wanted to browse people. Bryce decided to buy a snake charming basket. He needed charisma for work, and what better way to earn peoples’ trust then by showing that he could control a snake? He started charming right away. Rayna started talking to the locals, and even made some new friends. Evelyn was eager to explore the tombs and find treasure. When she heard that someone’s basement actually concealed an ancient tomb, and that they needed help disarming the traps, she rushed to go help out. Cora wasn’t too excited about the heat, once they arrived. She spent the first two days at the base camp, reading either in their tent or at one of the tables. Bryce had bought her a book on photography and a camera, and by the end of the trip she knew all that the book could tell her.

As it turned out, adventuring wasn’t the thing for Evelyn. She was able to disarm some of the traps, and she had the strength to clear any rubble piles she found, but she overlooked one trap. Fortunately, she was able to get to the dive well quickly. The last place she wanted to die was in a stranger’s basement while her own family was blissfully unaware.

While it was nice to go on vacation, it was nice to come home and relax, and recount stories from their Egyptian adventures. The Hallovins came home feeling closer than ever before, and very satisfied.

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