2.1 The Coranation

August 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

To celebrate the official start of the second generation of Hallovins, the family took a vacation to France, the Hallovin homeland. The family took a trip to the old Hallovin castle, where their ancestors had lived for hundreds of years. It had been restored several times, though it was currently uninhabited. The locals said that no one had lived in Castle Hallovin since the family had left the castle around 300 years ago to start a regular family life nearby. It was absolutely beautiful. The girls decided, for their own reasons, that one day this castle would be inhabited again.

There was a river that divided the town in half, and there were a few small islands in the river. Instead of staying in the base camp, the Hallovins decided to set up camp on one of the islands. None of the locals were old enough to remember what the ruins on the island were from, and no one had ever written it down. But the island was a very nice little place to spend six days. Every night, they would light a fire in the fire pit and sit around it, reading or roasting marshmallows or talking together, watching the sun set. And, if they woke up early enough, they could see a gorgeous sun rise. Every day at noon, Evelyn and Bryce would go to the mainland and have a nice lunch at the café. It was very nice, a quiet hour or two together. Evelyn didn’t have to worry about the family, since Cora was now in charge, and Cora was very trustworthy and responsible.

Cora, who still wasn’t very into adventuring or interacting with the locals, spent most of the week on the island. The island was very intriguing. She wanted to learn what the ruins were, before they were ruined, and after some exploring the island she even found some relics and artifacts.

One evening, after their parents had gone to bed early, Cora and Rayna had an argument. Rayna couldn’t understand why their mother had chosen the insecure, socially awkward, mentally disturbed daughter to carry on the family name. As they got older, Cora was slowly emerging from her shell, and lately she had even been comfortable enough to wear her hair in a ponytail and not cover her face. But Rayna felt that she had always had it together, had been attractive enough to not feel the need to hide her face in the first place, was open and friendly, and she was older anyway. Cora was shocked to see her sister speak such harsh words to her as loudly as she could without waking up their parents, especially since she was such a good sim. After finishing her rant, Rayna went to bed.

Early the next morning, Rayna went to the mainland in search of adventure. A local merchant had told her about the celtic ruins, and having some celtic roots herself, Rayna was interested. She discovered that there was a massive tomb underneath the ruins, and after three days of exploring she returned to the surface with loads of relics and artifacts. She was still a little angry with her sister for being chosen as heiress, and she decided to stay on the mainland instead of returning to their camp. Instead, she met up with her new friend, local merchant Jean Luc Beaumont. She stayed at his house for a few nights, and every day they became even closer.

The trip back home was uneventful. The girls weren’t speaking yet, though it wasn’t as tense between them as it had been the night they had argued. Cora didn’t want to talk to Rayna in case she snapped at her, and Rayna wasn’t ready to apologize yet. Brant invited Cora over as soon as he heard she was back, and Cora was surprised at his romantic actions towards her. He was her very best friend, always supporting her and spending time with her, even though she was younger than he was. Perhaps now, their friendship could become something more. Evelyn told Cora that as heiress, it was her duty to produce a third generation, and every morning Cora woke up feeling more certain that Brant would make the perfect father for her children. He asked her to go steady, and  one day, if he didn’t ask her, she would ask him to marry her.





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  • Tota says:

    I’m intrigued to see how the conflict between the sisters evolve. I think Cora will make a great heiress for the Hallovin legacy, but I also understand how Rayna must feel about it 😦

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