2.2 A Beautiful Mistake

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After the Hallovins returned to Sunset Valley, each member of the family began to do their own thing. Cora wanted to be a successful heiress and got a job in the journalism career. The legacy was still in its early days, and her actions would impact future generations. What better way to keep the legacy going than to be as successful as her father? When she wasn’t working or writing, she was painting, and soon her works were displayed in the halls and in her room. Evelyn, too, was painting, and between mother and daughter the house was decorated with beautiful paintings. Bryce, still wearing his housecoat, would invite over a chess opponent every afternoon. And Rayna was constantly working out. Somehow, despite her three days in the celtic tomb with only low quality dried food, she had gained some weight in France, and she was desperate to get it off.

The girls were on speaking terms, but it were as though every time they made eye contact they remembered the night that Rayna had hurled those awful insults at Cora. Their parents seemed blissfully unaware, tucked away in the study, painting or writing or mastering the game of chess. The girls didn’t bother them; they were nearing the ends of their lives, and they should be left to do what made them happy.

One evening while working out, Rayna was hit with a realization. She was alone with her thoughts as she did her jumping jacks, and then she put two and two together. She immediately went to Cora, who was typing a review on her laptop in the kitchen. Cora was nervous at first, thinking her sister was going to yell at her, but instead she squeaked, “Cora, I’m pregnant.”

After that evening, the bond between the sisters was stronger than ever. Rayna was so grateful to Cora for understanding her and not kicking her out of the house, and Cora knew that Rayna needed her help, and that gave her a powerful feeling. Neither sister knew what their parents would think, and Rayna was putting off telling them; there was no way Cora was going to tell them. Rayna had explained to Cora that during one of her stays with Jean Luc, he had brought out some lovely nectar, and after a few glasses each things just happened. But she did have some feelings for him, and she would carry and give birth to his child. Rayna’s pregnancy went very smoothly, and she only experienced morning sickness a few times, and she was able to comfortably work out for most of the pregnancy. This made it easy to forget that in a few short months, she would give birth to an illegitimate child. She was gradually working up the courage to tell her parents and Jean Luc himself, but she still wasn’t ready.

One person she completely forgot about was Sam Sekemoto. Rayna hadn’t seen him since the birthday party, and after a few months of not speaking, he phoned her. While they weren’t going steady, they were both interested, and he wanted to see her. Rayna reluctantly made plans to see him later in the week, and then phoned Jean Luc. He was outraged. Yes, he cared for Rayna a lot, but he never wanted children. He told her quite forcefully that he would not support Rayna or this child, and that he did not want to speak with her about it again.

Rayna couldn’t believe it. What was she going to do? She couldn’t be a single mother, especially not in this house. Everything was falling apart. Seeking comfort, she quickly invited Sam over. She needed him, needed his support. But looking into Sam’s eyes, she saw pain. He was a hopeless romantic, and he had fallen harder for her than she thought. Seeing her pregnant killed him inside. But after some careful explanations and confessions of feelings, Sam had forgiven Rayna, and she had his support.

Convincing her parents to support her, however, was a different story. Evelyn was just as angry as Jean Luc, wondering where herdaughter’s sanity had gone, and didn’t she have any self-respect? Did she know what this could mean for the family name? Rayna felt grateful to Cora once again, because if Evelyn was still in charge, Rayna would not have a home. Bryce wasn’t happy either, but he was more concerned about his little princess’s well-being than the family name.

Having finally told everyone that needed to know about her mistake, Rayna could be stress free for the rest of her pregnancy. She wished that things could have been different, but she knew that she may not have done anything different if she had the choice to do it again. But either way, she knew that this pregnancy would be worth it in the end.

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