2.3 Looking Up

August 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

At around five o’clock in the morning, Rayna was woken up by sudden contractions. She frantically dragged herself out of bed and put her shoes on. By that time, Sam, who had been staying at the Hallovin household every second night or so, woke up too. He was almost as worried as Rayna, and he got quickly called a taxi. The trip was quick, and Rayna’s body was calm. When they got to the hospital, Rayna was rushed inside. Sam wasn’t allowed in her room, though, since he wasn’t the father. He sat outside the hospital, not wanting to see or hear Rayna give birth to someone else’s child. While he waited, he wondered where he would fit in her life after her baby was born. He would still support he, but would she still want him in her life?

Many long hours later, Rayna left the hospital with a baby girl. Named Sarah, meaning princess, the baby was brave and a heavy sleeper. Sam had mixed feelings about his lover’s baby before he saw her, but when he first saw her he couldn’t help but smile. Though newborn, Sarah looked like Rayna. Sam decided then that if Rayna still wanted him around, he would treat Sarah like his own daughter.

Though he didn’t like that Rayna had decided to have a baby in the first place, Bryce really liked Sarah. She reminded him of Rayna, a happy child that one couldn’t help smile around. As it turned out, Rayna just wasn’t ready for parenting, and often escaped to the park with Sam, leaving Bryce to take care of his granddaughter. He didn’t mind too much, especially since she was such a low maintenance child. Sam always felt bad leaving Sarah without her mother, but he was glad that Rayna had fully accepted him back into her life, and as more than just friends.

One evening while he was at their house, Sam took Rayna out to the park. He didn’t want to leave Sarah without her mother again, but he had a surprise. While there, the couple talked about the future, and when Rayna said that she did want him there, he got down on one knee and proposed to her. When they got back home, Sam held Sarah as her actual father figure for the first time. As the Hallovins sat down to dinner that night, Rayna and Sam announced that once Sarah became a toddler, they would get married and leave the house. Bryce was quite upset to hear that he would lose his daughter and his granddaughter in a few days, but Rayna comforted him, explaining that she was too old to be living with her parents, and that they would still visit. Cora said nothing except for “Congratulations”. She was thinking about her sister’s words. Rayna could leave the house, but Cora could not. As heiress, she was bound. It was an honour, but this already unordinary girl’s life would become very, very unordinary.

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