2.4 Leaving The Nest

August 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sarah’s birthday came much too quickly for Bryce’s liking. Today his granddaughter would become a toddler, and in a few days his eldest daughter would get married, and the morning after that they would leave the house. Since Bryce felt the most affected by these events, he was given the honour of holding the birthday girl and assisting her blow out her candles. And the results were surprising. They say that babies are often born with blue eyes, and that they will sometimes change colour. Sarah was born with the family’s dark eyes, but as she became a toddler, her eyes turned grey. And her face, which looked like Rayna’s, resembled her father’s more than ever.

The only thing familiar about Sarah was her strange blonde hair, the same colour as Rayna’s. The family joked about Rayna somehow gaining a strange gene, giving her her hair colour, and that she passed it on to her daughter, giving her grey eyes as well. Rayna couldn’t help but think of Scotty Howland, her first real crush, when she looked into her daughter’s eyes.

Everyone loved to be around Sarah, even Sam, who felt a bit of hurt when he saw the unfamiliar features. Rayna, though, didn’t seem to like to spend much time around her daughter. Sometimes, especially when she saw Sam with her, she regretted going to France, and getting angry with Cora, and staying with Jean Luc. But when she held her daughter and saw her smile, or heard her laugh, she didn’t regret it. Mistakes happen, but this beautiful one was worth it. But that didn’t keep her away from the stereo or chess table, and the task of raising Sarah became Bryce’s. With Sarah’s birthday party over, the next celebration would be the wedding.

Every evening in Sunset Valley was gorgeous, and the evening that Rayna and Sam said their vows was no exception. The guest list was small, mostly Hallovins, the old maid, Aleksey, and some coworkers. The party was going very well, though, and lasted late into the night. Eventually Sarah had to be taken home, and Bryce gladly took her home and stayed with his granddaughter for her last night in the family home. Meanwhile, the party on the beach went smoothly, until an unexpected guest arrived.

When the Grim Reaper appeared, Evelyn felt fear for the first time since arriving in Sunset Valley. Surely Death wouldn’t take her here, now, at her daughter’s wedding! He had taken her mother not long after her father, and her brother, now an elder, stood beside her in fear too. But when the reaper chose Aleksey Arrington, the Hallovins’ first maid, Evelyn felt relief, and after, sorrow and guilt. It was not her time, yet, but this brush with death  reminded her once again that life was too short. Soon, the reaper would come for her and her husband and her brother, and she shouldn’t be on bad terms with her children before she died. The guests left afterwards, the party less of a success than anticipated, and Evelyn apologized to Rayna for almost disowning her when she was pregnant with Sarah.

The next morning, the new Sekemotos packed their things and left the Hallovin household. Since the party had lasted late into the night, the Hallovin parents were still asleep, and Cora was the only one awake to see her sister and her new family leave. Their first stop was to City Hall, to change Sarah’s last name to Sekemoto. She would be raised as Sam’s daughter, and when she was old enough, Rayna would tell her who her father was. Then they would go to their new home, which was unknown to the rest of the Hallovins. Sam had told them that he wanted to fix it up a bit, since he was a bit of an architect and the house needed work, and then they would invite them over.

Cora wondered what the house would be like with her sister, niece, and new brother-in-law gone. No longer would someone be hammering away at the sculpting station, or be working out every evening, the electronic music playing loudly. And, she dreaded it, what would happen when her parents passed? All she could do was hope that that wouldn’t happen for a long time.


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