2.5 The Good Life

August 20, 2010 § 4 Comments

With the Sekemotos out of the house, Rayna’s old room was an empty space. Her old furniture had been sold, and it was then that the Hallovins realized how much money they had made. After a few calculations by Bryce, it was decided that if they tore down their house and sold a few of the brilliant paintings that Evelyn painted in her spare, retired time, they could build themselves a nice little mansion. Finally, the Hallovin home rivalled those of the Altos and Landgraabs next door. Evelyn was sure that their home was even grander than the town’s founders’ homes. But the Hallovins had worked for their fortune, and since every Sunday the household raked in over §2,500 in book royalties, everyone could sleep easy at night. Evelyn could remember when she first came to Sunset Valley, and how she would try to sleep under the stars. Most of the time she was unable to sleep, because she was worried about her future, financially. But now she slept snug in a large, warm bed, and between the book royalties, Bryce’s and Cora’s jobs, and the paintings and sculptures that she and Cora did, the household would never have to worry about their money again.

The fire between Cora and Brant was dimming. Brant’s father, the famous Geoffrey Landgraab, was trying to convince his younger son to move back in, and become a scientist like him. But Brant was artistic and loved the outdoors, and refused to go back. Cora didn’t want to involve herself in her lover’s personal affairs, but she hadn’t expected it to take this long to sort out. She really missed spending time with him, and she was getting quite lonely. One evening they made plans to go to the art gallery, but it wasn’t the art that they were admiring. That evening was amazing, and a real eye-opener. Cora and Brant were wonderful together; they loved being in each other’s company, and they could go on for hours just talking, especially about art. Cora knew that there was no one else she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and raise a third generation of Hallovins with than Brant. And so, because she couldn’t wait any longer, Cora got down on one knee and proposed to him. Brant didn’t mind that she had proposed to him, instead of the other way around; he was ecstatic. If he said yes, not only could he spend the rest of his life with his lover, but surely he could escape his father. With that, Brant gladly excepted the ring. The night was spent in the Hallovin manor, with a wedding being planned to take place in a few days.


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