2.7 Rest and Relaxation

August 25, 2010 § 4 Comments

As the plane touched down in China, Cora realized that she was the only one in the family who had visited all three of the hot destinations. She had to smile, considering she was usually the only one who stayed at the camp and read, while her parents and sister explored. Thinking of her family made her think of her mother’s death, but she quickly averted her thoughts. Everyone dies eventually, and her mother had led a long and successful life. Now as the heiress, she had to carry on the legacy her mother had started. Grieving wouldn’t help, and Cora would not have Evelyn’s work be for nothing.

The first thing to do in China was to go sight seeing. Brant wanted to check out the fishing, but on the way down to the riverbank, Cora was ambushed by some beautiful purple butterflies. She was enchanted, and a bold butterfly even landed on her nose. Cora could already feel the calming effects of the beautiful country de-stress her.

The newlyweds spent the day sightseeing, checking out the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army. Seeing the ancient tomb made Brant want to explore, but Cora was still somehow uninterested in uncovering ancient relics. As the sun began to set, the couple made a quick trip back to the base camp, and then they set out for the hot springs. A massage and a glass of sugary juice were key in calming Brant’s neurotic, easily stressed wife. Soon, all of Cora’s worries were left behind at home, and she could begin to enjoy herself on her honeymoon.

Day two began bright and early, with a bike ride up to the Phoenix Academy, home of Sim Fu. Sim Fu was supposed to be very calming, and a good way to defend oneself. Brant went straight to the target dummy, and Cora grabbed a book of the shelf and began reading about the ancient art of Sim Fu. They both found Sim Fu to be very easy and relaxing. Both Cora and Brant were quickly rising through the ranks, and by the time the day was over they both had their orange belts.

On the third day, the couple split up. Cora wanted to meditate in the Scholars Garden, but a local had asked Brant to retrieve a relic from a nearby tomb. And so Cora spent the day at the Scholars Garden, clearing her mind and relaxing, Brant retrieved a relic for a local’s fireplacemantle. As evening fell, the couple met at the base camp, and soon they boarded their flight and returned home.

The plane touched down in Sunset Valley at around 10 PM. By the time the Hallovins got home, Cora remembered that she had work the next morning, and it was too late to phone and ask for the next day off. After saying good night to Bryce, who seemed to be doing better, Cora went to bed. But all throughout the night, Cora would wake up and have to throw up. By the time her lunch break came at work the next day, Cora knew that the calm she had built up during her three day trip to China was quickly deteriorating.


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