2.9 Take Two

August 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

Charles’s birthday came quickly, and he became an adorable toddler. He looked to be a nice blend between his mother and father, with Cora’s round face and dark eye colour, and Brant’s eyes and hair colour. He bore a striking resemblance to his uncle, Simon, as well, but that could just be because the haircut and outfits that had been popular when he was a toddler had become popular again. The family didn’t do much as far as celebrations went, since Audrey was the only Hallovin relative who’s location was known, aside from Rayna and her family.

Cora loved her son almost more than anything else, but as the heiress of the legacy, she needed a daughter. When her daughter was born, she would still spend lots of time with Charles, of course. But a special girl was what the household needed.

Since Charles loved being outside, the family spent a lot of time together in the back yard. When the renovations had been done, the yard had been left flat and empty, so that whenever the family wanted to add something or landscape, they could with ease. It became clear that when Charles was older, there were going to be a few sources of entertainment outside for him. On a beautiful afternoon, Cora decided to teach Charles how to walk. Brant was nearby, tending to his apple trees, and the afternoon was filled with laughter and joy.

Brant and Cora loved spending time with their little  boy, and often when Brant went fishing, he would take Charles with him. His parents were afraid that since he knew how to walk, he would be a bit of a nuisance, but Charles was a good boy, always sitting next to his father as the official tackle box handler. The Hallovins would often go on little picnics, and Brant knew the perfect spot to take his family, right by the ocean. The blanket would be laid out in the shade of a few fruit trees, and Charles could play either on the soft grass or near the water, where Daddy would be fishing. The trip was probably the best any Hallovin had ever went on as a family, and the bond between the family was becoming very strong. Best of all, with all of these trips with her loving family, Cora was finiding it more difficult to become stressed.

When Cora discovered she pregnant for a second time, she was overjoyed. Maybe now she would give birth to a daughter.  Charles was nearing the end of his toddlerhood, and he wouldn’t need as much attention by the time the baby was born.

Cora had quickly learned, things could never stay calm in this house for long. Cora was in her third trimester when Brant received news that his aunt had passed away. This aunt had been special to the family, and Brant was deeply hurt. Brant decided to take a day trip to go to his aunt’s funeral, since she was very loved and many family members would be there. He had to leave very early in the morning, but he promised to be back late that evening or the next morning. Cora spent the day reading with both of her children, and the trio, fetus included, enjoyed a wonderful day. But as the sun set at the ocean’s edge, something began to play at Cora’s nerves.

Cora had just ate a very late dinner, and was about to go back upstairs to tuck Charles in and go to bed. She heard the front door creak open, and a knot of worry settled in her gut. She knew that Brant wouldn’t be home this early, so who could it be?

Cora was shocked to find that a burglar had snuck into her home. Ironically, Evelyn had had a burglar alarm system installed when her girls were born, because though she was a criminal herself, she wanted her own family to be safe. Now, the alarm was blaring loudly, and Cora knew the police would arrive shortly.

A young officer by the name of Gregory Simms arrived, though the criminal woman did manage to escape his arrest. Officer Simms apologized to Cora, explaining that he was new, but Cora was just happy that her son was safe. Cora slept lightly that night, afraid that if she fell asleep something would do harm to her or her babies. She heard a taxi park outside the house early that morning, and after looking cautiously out the window, she knew Brant was home.

The next morning, just after giving Charles his breakfast, Cora went into labour. Like with Charles’s birth, she was early, and it was because of stress. Cora and Brant’s second son was name Monte, pronounced “Monty” and meaning “mountain” in Latin. Monte had suffered from the stress more than Charles had, however, and was born a light sleeper and insane. Monte was also the first Hallovin born without the signature pale skin. His parents knew as soon as they laid eyes on him that this child would be… interesting.

Raising Monte was one of the most difficult things that Cora had ever done. Monte was a needy baby, and one could not ignore his tortured-sounding screams for very long. Cora knew that if she wasn’t a legacy sim, she would not have any more children after having Monte. She desperately began hoping to give birth to a daughter, for the sake of her sanity and because she and Brant were getting older.


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