2.11 That Special Girl

September 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

On the first night of Cora’s third pregnancy, she felt a strange compulsion to go visit her mother’s grave. She had been getting ready to go to bed, when something told her to go to her parents’ resting place. Cora carefully approached the small gravesite, bracing herself for the emotions that were likely to surface. But when she saw her mother’s smiling ghost, she was calm. Cora and Evelyn talked into the early morning, and Evelyn promised her daughter that the house would soon see the special little girl that everyone was eagerly waiting for.

For the most part, Cora’s pregnancy went smoothly and quietly. Brant made sure to stay home the whole time, and the family always engaged in  leisurely activities. Cora didn’t want to stress out the next heiress, if in fact she was carrying a girl. No one had seen Evelyn since she visited Cora in the early, early morning, but one morning, young Charles woke up and felt the same compulsion as his mother had not too long before. In the pre-dawn light, Charles went into the back yard and discovered his grandfather’s ghost. Bryce had decided to visit the Hallovins, and meet the grandson who’s birth he had barely missed. Charles and Bryce met under strange circumstances, but soon the two were playing tag together under the rising sun. When daylight signaled Bryce to return to the Netherworld, Charles felt a little bit of sadness. He could tell that he and his grandfather could have had a wonderful relationship, but Bryce was only permitted to visit early certain mornings.

One night, Cora woke up with the extreme abdominal pain that she was all too familiar with. Baby number three was ready and eager to be born. Cora and Brant took a taxi to the hospital, and a teenager down the street came to watch over Charles and Monte. The birth was quick and easy, and Cora and Brant returned home with baby Madeleine just before sunrise. Madeleine was born Excitable and Clumsy, but she was the most beautiful baby girl that they had ever seen. See had the trademark pale skin, and her dark eyes held hints of blue. When Cora went to put her new daughter in bed, she found that Evelyn was in the Green Room, reading. Cora went to show her mother the next heiress, and Evelyn’s smiling, glowing eyes seemed to say “I told you so”.

Time in the Hallovin household went quickly, and soon it was the young heiress’s birthday. Like with her brothers, Madeleine’s birthday was kept low-key, and only the family celebrated. As a toddler, Brant’s face was showing strongly in her’s, down to the eye colour. The first blue eyed Hallovin, and the first with Landgraab hair with Hallovin streaks. Neither family had seen such a unique blend of genetics, but both were pleased and anxious to see what she would look like when she was older.

Cora and Brant could finally relax. With their unique daughter, the legacy finally had an heiress, and the parents could become old without fear of this legacy dying out.


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