Hallovin One Year Anniversary!

May 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was talking to my best friend, Justin.

I had been looking at pictures on The Sims 3’s Facebook page, and found a picture of Elvira Willow, the founder of Tota’s Willow Legacy, and a link to the blog. I read a few chapters, fell in love, and sent Justin links to both the blog and the rules, and told him that I wanted to give it a shot. He said he’d try it too, and made us both make WordPress sites. And with that, the Anhel Legacy and the Palmer Legacy blogs were born!

Justin’s Palmer Legacy had been going well, with his founder marrying Jamie Jolina and having a kid or two by chapter 2. Mine didn’t end so well; there was no one that I wanted my founder to marry, and he wasn’t interested in anyone either. I was also really tempted to use money cheats, and it just wasn’t fun.

So after having some really nerdy discussions with my friends at school about sims having babies with the Grim Reaper, I decided to try a new legacy with a Willow-style founder, because the Willows are so much more interesting to me that Joe Average sims, and have her have children with the reaper. Unfortunately, though, I knew it was difficult to get the reaper to stay on your lot long enough to interact twice with him, let alone woohoo with him, and I learned that reaper babies turn out jet black anyway. But since Evelyn was more fun to play with, I carried on, and on May 29th 2010, I started her blog.

I had hoped to celebrate the first “Halloversary” with re-releasing some of the first generation’s chapters, with better pictures and more well-written posts, but since I got a job and worked all weekend, I couldn’t do it. So instead, here are some pictures of all of the Hallovins and their extended family, the Landgraabs, partying in the new town while I set up their family tree.

From left to right: Bryce; Simon; Evelyn; Duncan; Audrey; Brant; Charles; Monte; Sarah; Simon's wife, Vickie; Brant's sister, Sally; Catherine; Léanne; Nancy


Monte meets his uncle, Malcolm

The matriarchs

Sally Landgraab, Food, Jacques Hallovin

Sarah's disapproval of her... aunt and great-uncle?

Charles gets acquainted with his new aunt

The founders

Simon; Gaston; Sally's husband, Floyd; Duncan

All is forgiven

Glitchy pre-elderfied Rayna disapproves

Twins! (Both Floyd and Monte got makeovers after this)

Sarah is intense

"Boo! You cheated on my aunt with my other aunt!"

Gaston and his hat (loloJustin)

Finally, some man-to-man talk

Charles is disappoint

Generation 2, reunited

Generation 1, reunited

Happy First Halloversary!

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