News of sorts

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news. Together, they drastically alter my plans.

The good news: After some frustration and messing around, I’ve got my game working perfectly. Its all patched up and I’ve got my store content re-installed, but I’m having trouble with custom content (yes, I got custom content working way shortly after my Hallovin Hiatus started), but that’s because I couldn’t find my old resource.cfg file and couldn’t find out where I downloaded it. I tried making one by copy-pasting the text someone had posting on like yahoo answers or something, but that didn’t work. This should be resolved soon.

The bad news: After creating the Maddox blog, I went into the game and played about a sim-week’s worth, getting a crapton of screenshots along the way. Then I went on WordPress to start writing the first chapter only to discover that I’m one of the apparently many Mac users whose screenshots aren’t saving. Which sucks, since I kinda promised the start of a new blog. I don’t know when this will be resolved; apparently, its been going on since June-ish (as I’ve been building, I haven’t been taking many screenshots), and EA hasn’t said when they’ll fix it yet.

I’m going to be stubborn and wait until EA decides to fix this. So that means that the Hallovin Hiatus will continue, and that the Maddox Hiatus will begin. Sad, I know, to start a hiatus before the legacy properly begins… but as soon as soon as screenshot functionality works again, I will post something!

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