• Originally, Evelyn Hallovin was supposed to be a mentally unstable, creepy/gothic girl who found comforts in the arms of Death.

Meaning, originally I wanted her to have children with the Grim Reaper. I did some research though, and it turns out that it’s quite difficult to bed the Grim Reaper, and the babies turn out jet black anyways. I decided that killing off townies until the Reaper decided to stay a while on my home lot would take too long, and the heiresses would be boring, featureless beings, and decided against it. Maybe one day, though, I’ll do it just for fun.

• Some have asked, where does the name ‘Hallovin’ come from? What does it mean?

As for where it comes from, my brother gave me the idea on the way to school one day. He kind of likes the creepy/evil thing, and so I asked for suggestions and that’s what he gave me. As for what it means: As far as I’m concerned, it’s not a real name. Every time I Google it, if I don’t come up with my legacy, I get Halloween results. So that works, I suppose.  But ‘hallo’ is German for ‘hello’, and ‘vin’ in French for wine. At least the name sounds European.

• The official Hallovin colour is the dark red from the first bathroom tiles.

The first time the colour was used outside of the game was when imajustina made the first header. He told me that the red in it was taken from the bathroom tiles. So far, these floor tiles have always been in the Hallovin house, usually in the master bathroom.

• When things started to go downhill with Xander, I decided to look at a list eligible, young adult men in Sunset Valley.

I decided that she would pursue Stiles McGraw, the guy in the Roomies household in the music career. But I could never find him out on the town, or even at his house. One of the times that Evelyn paid a visit to the roomies, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd was there, and since her days as a young adult were dropping, that she might as well pursue him. He was really sweet to her, and though you couldn’t see most of face, he didn’t seem to unattractive. I was actually surprised when I saw under those glasses the first time.

• When Evelyn died, I told my brother about it.

The boy who came up with the name for my legacy didn’t even care.

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