Generation One Overview


Evelyn Hallovin, aspiring writer and painter, moves to Sunset Valley from France, bent on proving her father that she can lead a legacy. However, in her eagerness, she jumps into a relationship with her co-worker, Xander Clavell, who isn’t quite ready for what she has in mind. After a short run, the two break up, and stubborn, evil Evelyn is left wanting revenge. But after accidentally meeting and quickly settling down with a sweet man named Bryce, who goes by his screen name “Cycl0n3 Sw0rd”, Evelyn is forced to focus on raising the family that she had always wanted.

Once their two girls, twins Rayna and Cora were old enough to fend for themselves, Evelyn and Bryce both focused on their careers and their lifetime wishes, leaving the household as a group of people who were related and living together instead of a real family. The girls grew up independent, and it was then that they developed their separate personalities. But before the family could fall apart, Evelyn tried to save them by immersing herself in her daughters’ lives, spending more time with her husband, and taking them all travelling.



EVELYN – Founder

BRYCE – Spouse

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