Generation Two Overview


Cora, the younger twin, is chosen to take the reigns of the legacy, much to her sister’s outrage. While in France to celebrate the “Coranation”, the sisters have a fight, and Rayna spends the rest of the trip with a friendly local merchant. Upon returning home, Brant admits his feelings for Cora, and Rayna discovers she is pregnant with the merchant’s child. The merchant won’t have anything to do with Rayna and their unborn daughter, however, so Rayna turns to Sam Sekemoto, a man she had a crush on who secretly loved her back. After the birth of Sarah, Sam and Rayna marry, and leave the family home.

Meanwhile, Cora and Brant make their own plans to get married. The night of the ceremony, however, Evelyn dies of old age. Despite everyone’s broken hearts, Cora and Brant marry, and honeymoon in China. After their return, Cora discovers she is pregnant, and Bryce dies of old age. After baby Charles is born, Cora and Brant try to have a girl to carry on the family name, but have one more boy, Monte, before Madeleine is born. Charles becomes a handsome, happy boy, while Monte becomes insane and problematic, and Madeleine suffers from his reputation.

When Brant dies, while Charles is just a young adult and the younger two still teens, Cora leaves the family home and goes to France, unable to cope with so much loss. After Monte’s birthday, Charles leaves as well, being transferred to another town by the military, leaving the heiress in emotional shambles.



RAYNA – Spare

CORA – Heiress

BRANT – Spouse

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